All Cluj public transportation routes are operated on regular schedule Mon. through Fri., from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. and, on limited schedule during the night, weekend and public holidays.
The tickets can be purchased from the kiosks and vending machines which can be found in some stations. If you have a Romanian cell phone number, you can also pay for tickets via SMS.
For information about public transport, including routes, schedules and fares,
please visit the website of Cluj-Napoca Transportation Authority (Compania de Transport Public Cluj-Napoca):


Take only authorized cabs belonging to authorized companies; you should check this especially if you’re at the airport, train station or near high-traffic points such as clubs or restaurants.
The price is about 2.25 lei/ km + 2.25 starting price.

You can order authorized taxis by phone (depending on your subscription, rates may apply to the call) or through applications such as Clever Taxi and Star Taxi, available on Android and iOS. Also, many taxi companies have their own applications.

  • NOVA: +40.264.949
  • DIESEL: +40.264.946
  • PRITAX: +40.264.942
  • TERRAFAN: +40.264.944
  • CLIMA & CONFORT: +40.264.943

Exchange rates

  • Official rates provided by Romanian National Bank:

Cluj Tourist Information Centre (Centrul de Informare Turistica)

Cluj-Napoca City Tour:



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