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Advanced Architecture for Android Hands On (MVVM version)

Instructor & Consultant at Canonical Examples

Have you ever wondered when and why it is worth to use an advanced architecture? And, even more importantly, would you know how to it? Do you understand the role of the different moving pieces and their implementation?

In this workshop you will implement one user story from scratch for a new Android application.

The agenda of the workshop includes:
– MVX & Clean Architecture Concepts: Brief introduction in order to understand the pieces of the architecture and their implementation in Android.
– Implementation of the Interactor: Implement the first user story: show a list of data elements to the user. Define the first version of the immutable entities and transform them into immutable structures with the data to display.
– Implementation of the View Model: Creation of the model for the view and present the data.
– Implementation of the View: How to make a dumb, but still useful view. Passing events to the view model.
– A basic implementation of the entity gateway: Defer the decision of the persistence framework for later. Implement the minimum functionality in a basic object. Implications of the repository pattern.
– Connect the pieces and make it all work: Understand the way the pieces are interconnected.
– Next steps (brief intro): Memory management, navigation, observation, more use cases.
– Review, Questions & Answers.

This is a HANDS ON WORKSHOP, so, _please_ bring your laptop with a recent version of Android Studio and write the code for yourself with me!

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