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Legacy Code: What did Luigi do what when and how to fight code ghosts?

Senior Android Developer at Mobimeo GmbH

This talk will give insides into how to tackle existing and new legacy code in your project.

We have all been there: E’gadd left the company and now we need to deal with their leftovers: The code compiles but is a mess to debug, it doesn’t adhere to the style guide and nobody really understands what it does. So whenever you are forced to touch the code again, you feel like a Luigi in a Ghost Mansion: Opening a drawer is like opening another file, and you never know if you’ll find a ghost or something even more sinister underneath it.

In this talk I will go through some examples and hints on how Luigi dealt with those challenges and will give you tips on how to sell (or not) those changes to management (Princess Peach). Additionally I will hint at some ways of trying to prevent writing instant legacy code (aka java).

Audience will be empowered with hints on avoiding legacy code them selves, talking pieces on how to try and convince the team to tackle the ghosts of old code, additionally they will have seen some code that hopefully does not scare them anymore. The known horror is the smaller horror.