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Workout your tasks with WorkManager

Squad Lead Developer and Google Developer Expert for Android

Until now, in order to perform background work in Android, developers had to choose between multiple execution options. At Google I/O 2018, the Android team launched WorkManager as part of the Android Jetpack. This library provides a simple and clean interface to specify deferrable, asynchronous tasks and when they should run.

The presentation will include an overview about the existing background solutions, what’s happening behind the scenes and why and when we should use WorkManager. Also, we will discover details about the architecture of the WorkManager library and about the main components (Worker, WorkRequest, WorkManager, WorkInfo) of it. Finally, we will highlight how to use WorkManager for scenarios like chained sequences of tasks that run in a specified order, unique named sequences, tasks that pass and return values and how to apply constraints in order to decide when to run the task.

Audience: Intermediate