Halcyon Mobile

Passionate about technology and mobile apps in particular, I started my career with Android development, having the chance to create and help building numerous apps at Halcyon Mobile.

Working in a team was important to me since the beginning, so I wanted to start leaving my coding desk more often and consult with my colleagues or help junior developers. With time, I started to enjoy the benefits of teamwork even more so I slowly shifted towards leading positions that allowed me to be in contact with talented people more often.

Currently, my job title says that I’m a technical project manager at Halcyon Mobile, but I like to think that I do way more than just project management… Focusing on people is always my top priority and the biggest joy for me is to see even a tiny bit of feedback being put to good use by others. I regularly play football, try to read a little bit every day and if time allows, I try to go back to that coding desk to explore some new things on Android as I never wanted to leave coding behind. 🙂