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Workshop: “Augmented Reality on Android”

Senior Android Engineer at Softvision

Due to recent hardware advancements, Augmented Reality has begun helping us see the world in a whole new way.
From interactive learning to virtually remodelling your house or gaming, ARCore allows us to create immersive augmented reality applications with minimal development time.
Google’s platform provides an easy way of building novel and collaborative AR experiences without learning complex frameworks such as OpenGL.

Starting off with an entirely new concept is sometimes tough. This workshop will help you set up your first AR project by going through the ARCore integration with the Android framework.
We will then see how simple rendering of virtual objects and interacting with them can be, and how the standard Android Animator API can be used to bring AR objects to life.
At last, we will go through some more advanced concepts you may stumble upon, such as detecting when objects collide or interacting with lights.

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Bring your laptop and your own Android testing device!
Software requirements: Android Studio and a git client installed before the workshop starts.
For AR you need to either have a device from the list of supported devices, or you will need to have an emulator setup.

For any question you might have, contact us please by email at, or by phone at +40.741096427 (Alexandru Tintea).